Google Ads Management

Google is a leader in digital marketing. For this reason, different businesses from many different sectors use Google Ads to manage their digital ads.
Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management

Google is a leader in digital marketing. For this reason, different businesses from many different sectors use Google Ads to manage their digital ads.

In Google Ads management, there is a method called Cost Per Click (CPC). This method means that you have to pay a certain fee every time the website you advertise on is clicked on. As easy as it sounds, a pay-per-click strategy is a difficult method to manage. For businesses that are new to Google Ads, it can be very difficult to manage. 

You need time, dedication and experience to succeed in Google Ads management.

Examine Your Competitors' CPC Strategies:

You can create an advertising plan without researching your business competitors. But this would not be very wise. 

Skipping competitor research hurts the advertising strategy. This means that you lose potential customers and revenue to competing businesses. In addition, the advertising budget you spend in line with your advertising plan will be wasted. 

Here are a few ways to research your competitors and their digital ads; 

  1. Type keywords into Google and see which businesses' ads appear.
  2. Use a third-party app to analyze your competitor's advertising strategy.
  3. Find your competitor's keywords. 

Getting Google Ads management service from a digital marketing agency will make your work easier. As Brandplan, we create a Google Ads management plan that fits your budget and goals. We work with regular reports and analysis system to achieve the best results in the shortest time.

The more you expand your digital presence to different platforms, the better.

Quality Advertising Strategy + Budget Management + Regular Reporting = Profit!

Today, every business, from small to large, needs a strong Google presence. Stay active in the competitive field and increase your sales by using Google Ads. 

A smartly designed Google Ads plan is the most effective way to achieve digital sales and promotion goals. Time, dedication and experience are needed to succeed in Google Ads management. 

Google Ads is a flexible advertising platform that can be tailored to the needs of businesses. In this way, you have the opportunity to make the most effective advertising for your business at the least cost. 

There are multiple variables that contribute to the success of Google Ads ads. Some of them are a strongly coded website, search word analysis and application, choosing the date, time and target audience, and adjusting the budget according to the strategy.  

Google Ads is the easiest way to reach the target audience. With Google Ads, show your digital ads to exactly the people you want. Thanks to Google Ads, you can reach the audience you want to address by limiting the criteria such as age, education level, profession, region of residence. 

After a detailed target audience and competitor analysis, we determine the search words and adapt the created strategy to your budget. Thus, we achieve results as soon as possible in line with your goals.


Your ad is shown through Google Ads to potential customers who are interested in your product or service. Advertisers bid the maximum price they can pay for a single click on certain keywords.  According to this bid, your ad is ranked on the Google search results page. 

In order to maximize your return on investment from advertising spending and avoid making mistakes, you should manage Google Ads with professional help. 


The quality score determines how Google will rank your ad. You can bid a very high price for an ad, but if your quality score is low, your ad ranking will also be low. The higher your Quality Score, the lower your ad cost will be.

There are many variables involved in calculating the quality score:

  • Click rate
  •  the relevance of each keyword to the ad
  • landing page quality
  • website coding and design 
  • relevance of ad copy to keywords and ads 
  • mobile optimization
  • text ad optimization


In Google Ads, the user experience is as important as the ad strategy. The landing page is the page that users encounter when they click on your Google ads. If the landing page is SEO compatible and optimized, it will both improve the user experience and increase your Google quality score. 

A useless landing page will decrease your sales and increase your Google Ads cost. Because users will click on your page but will not go to the purchase process. 

The landing page is different from the home page of your website. the purpose of this page is to mobilize the customer. Therefore, the landing page needs to be designed and optimized separately.


In order for your ads to reach the audience you want, you need to target specific keywords in your industry and bid for them.

In highly competitive sectors, it is difficult to advertise and rank with a low budget. This is where your website's quality score comes into play. 

Before determining the keyword, the purpose behind the keyword should always be analyzed. Is the keyword you choose to sell a product or to promote a service?


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